HP Tango Smart Home Printer Review

Printers can really be a hassle sometimes. You’re often in a situation where you need to either physically connect your computer to a printer or need to try connecting to it over WiFi using a primitive system, which can really drag out the amount of time you spend trying to print off a simple document.

With HP’s Smart Tango Printer, you’re given a ton of features that all make printing out documents much more convenient. One thing that was frequently difficult when it came to printing was scanning and reprinting a document.

If your printer didn’t already have a scanner, you’d have to get a separate one, scan it, take the file on your computer, and then try to print that. With the HP Tango, all you need to do is use your smartphone’s camera to quickly scan the document and it’ll immediately print a copy, getting rid of the pesky middleman in the process.

It’s also sometimes difficult to take a photo from your phone and try to print that out. You have to either email it to yourself or hook your phone up to your computer and manually drag over the file, but with the smart printer, you can just send the photo from your phone straight to the printer without any worries.

This can be done from just about anywhere, as well. One issue with other printers is that they seem to run out of ink at the worst possible times. You have to print off an important document for an appointment that day, and suddenly it’s out of ink.

Then you have to try to run up to the store and grab some before coming back and trying again. With the HP Tango, you can instantly keep track of your ink levels and have it set up with Amazon’s Dash service to reorder ink whenever you’re running low, avoiding any of those dire moments in the future.

  • , title : 'HP Tango X Review - Compact inkjet printer with IOT Features'
    HP Tango X Review - Compact inkjet printer with IOT Features
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All convenience features aside, this is simply a high quality printer. It’s compact, sleek looking, and it performs quite well. It prints in excellent quality on all available sizes of paper with great colors and sharp, clean looking text.

You can even get it to print photos without borders, to avoid having to trim off the edges whenever you print something out. Whether you’re in it for the smart features or just want something great and reliable, this printer will definitely be a good purchase for you.

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