Ultraloq Smart Lock Review

Security is extremely important for many people today. Cheap locks simply don’t cut it anymore, given that lockpicking is easy for a thief to do. It can also just be inconvenient to fumble around with your keys trying to open your door, especially if you’re holding things like groceries in your arms.

By getting yourself a high quality smart lock like those from Ultraloq, you’ll be able to make your house more secure and add a lot of convenience to your everyday life. The Ultraloq smart lock features five different methods of opening up your door, depending on what you’d prefer.

The first method would be the simple fingerprint scan. You can add many different people to the fingerprint scanner when you first set it up, and nobody can add one unless you allow it.

It works quickly and only requires a scan, removing the need to fumble with your keys at the front door. This is also useful if you have multiple family members, but not enough house keys to go around.

You can also use a simple password on the touch keypad. Instead of a traditional physical keypad, these touch sensitive buttons allow you to type your password without wearing out the keys, which is something that thieves commonly use to figure out passcodes on other locks.

You can even type in as many numbers as you’d like, but as long as you have the true code hidden in that combination, it’ll still open, so nobody can watch you type the numbers to open it up.

  • , title : 'Ultraloq UL3 Bluetooth Fingerprint Smart Lock'
    Ultraloq UL3 Bluetooth Fingerprint Smart Lock
    Ultraloq is a Bluetooth Enabled Smart Lock with a Fingerprint reader, Touchscreen, and Highly Secure PIN pad. The Ultraloq UL3 Smart Lock is Keyless and ...

One of the most fascinating aspects of this lock is the paired smartphone integration that it allows you to use. By simply checking an app, you can check and see the status of the lock and whether it’s locked or unlocked.

You can also change that with the press of a button from anywhere, making it very convenient. If you went off to work and didn’t remember if you relocked it or not, you could check the app.

If it showed unlocked, you could instantly lock it remotely right then and there. The final method of opening the lock depends on the type of smartphone you have. If you have an iPhone, you can simply knock on the phone four times to open it up.

If you have an android, you can turn it on and shake it. This unique and convenient feature can be disabled if you’d like, but it also makes a very easy way for you to open up your door.

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